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The 10 Best Amazon Reviews. Ever.

Web reviews from online everymen are either low-hanging fruit for DIY marketers, the best thing to ever happen to e-shopping, or bait for angry cheapskates. But good or bad, they’re often an unexpected source for entertainment. Here are some of the best.



The Internet in 1995 on MTV News

Linux Radio

Broadcasting the Linux kernel, one source file at a time!

The Underground Website

Where you can buy any drug imaginable

Making small talk with your pot dealer sucks. Buying cocaine can get you shot. What if you could buy and sell drugs online like books or light bulbs? Now you can: Welcome to Silk Road.

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service

Decorah Bald Eagles

Facebook Facial Recognition Could Get Creepy


The DEberlusconiZER is a web tool that replaces the images and words related to the Italian Prime Minister.

URL Hunter

Facebook Girlfriend Pretender

Error Page

How Companies Now Know Everything About You

Bill O’Reilly Fails At Science

… and becomes a meme – You can’t explain that!

Keanu Reeves on the “Sad Keanu” meme