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YouTube in 1985

Proposal 2.0 Using Google Street View

My name is Michael Weiss-Malik, and I work for Google…


Facesaerch is an image search engine for faces powered by Google. All images (thumbnails) are provided, hosted and managed by Google.

IT everywhere

EnBW Spamrecycler

DIY Google search

How old is the internet?

Captain Blasto

Captain Blasto, a comic video web series, follows Colin Carter, a high school outcast, who decides to break free from his lonely life and become what he’s always wanted to be: a super-hero!

With it’s distinctive visual style and a fundraised budget, Captain Blasto is a funny, genuine, and professional example of the “digital-do-it-yourself” movie revolution, and has been warmly received by film festivals and the audience.


Všetko je možné


ASCIIMaps generuje všetky Google Maps v ASCII (ako keby bežal na Commodore 64 :)

Let’s now practice our latest words!

Koľko jazykov ovládaš, toľkokrát… (pomôžte im rozšíriť ich slovnú zásobu ;)