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Amazon Random Shopper

First shipment: “All in all, this was a sort of creepy shipment. It sent me a book by someone who’s known for charting and modeling the human mind, and sent me some music that is extremely mechanical and almost random.”

HTTP Status Rappers

The Useless web

The Nicest Place on the Internet

Animated Pizza Gifs

The life of Nelson Mandela

retold with social networks

The Evolution of the Web

A Year of Links

Command and Conquer – Tiberian Dawn

C&C in HTML5

SOPA Cabana

Protect IP / SOPA Breaks the Internet

SOPA strike

The pr0n index

This is a very silly web application that tells you what percentage of the internet for some given search phrase appears to be about porn. It works by searching Google Images both with SafeSearch On and Off.

Occupy Lulz


The web-connected smelly robot

Online Checkout – In Real Life

YouTube Insult Generator

The YouTube Insult Generator