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Dátum reg.: 19. apríl 2008

PNBHS Haka for Mr. Dawson Tamatea’s Funeral Service

Be prepared take hold
Reach out
We of Palmerston North Boys’ High School stand steadfast
Within our Domain
Standing firm
Standing proud
Standing with respect
To uphold
To uplift
To uplift
To uphold
The prestige of our school
Our aims are to seek knowledge
And reach our goals and aspirations
Seek the horizon of aspirations
And draw near to it
Those aspirations that are near, take them
And it be known, yes, let it be known
Let your adrenalin abound high above
It is done!!!

Bionic Kangaroo

Project 700


Wintermode Complete

First Pig to Fly

Ashkan Honarvar


Octo 2

Antony Howe

V téhle elektrárně se topí nebo tančí

Pica – Pic

Free to play vintage handheld games

Predpoveď počasia

Panzer SoundTank

by Nik Nowak


Autoerotique – Asphyxiation

Cedric Pradel


Alberto van Stokkun

Donuts and Donut Holes

“Dancing feeds the soul and donuts feed the body..and in this one shot
the circle of the life is completed”