Nálepka “travel”

Pet Airline – the first pet-only airline


“Send a toy travelling or help one on its journey”

A ToyVoyager is a toy on a random journey, tracked on this website. It relies solely on the actions of the people it comes into contact with to help it on its way. Each ToyVoyager has a travel tag with a unique id number – anybody who finds one is encouraged to come to this website and update its travelog to say where it has been and when. Over time this becomes a history of the ToyVoyager’s adventures.

Where’s the remotest place on Earth?

In fact, very little of the world’s land can now be thought of as inaccessible, according to a new map of connectedness created by researchers at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, and the World Bank.

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Ride a lion, swing a bear cub and stroke a tiger…

…at Lujan Zoo in Argentina

The world’s toilets with the best vistas

Guard Tower, Alcatraz: Warders at the infamous jail had an all-round view of San Francisco Bay while they took a comfort break.

Luke Powell

Branding the US – The 50 State Tourism Logos

Europe’s Strangest Theme Park

Soviet bunker’s site

Action Mobil: Are you MAN enough?

Christopher Herwig



Souvenirs in front of their real-world counterparts.

Benedict Redgrove