Nálepka “street”

Google Street View as art


Patrick Runte

Brazo The Hierro

The Lost Tribes of New York City

Urban Anthropologists, Andy and Carolyn London interview some of New York City’s more overlooked citizens and transposed their voices onto inanimate objects.



Rodolphe Simeon

From Your FAV’ set

Tetris Art

Keegan Gibbs

Famous People Who Have Been Homeless

Every day, we walk past people in the streets without having the slightest clue that they are homeless because they do not fit the stereotypical image. Even of those that do fit the common-held image, you simply cannot tell by looking at them what past contribution to society they may have made or what contribution they may be capable of producing in the future. You never know what value or talent could be concealed behind the grubby faced facade.


Guitar Machine

Louis Porter