Nálepka “reconstruction”

70 Million by Hold Your Horses

Photos of my models

by Michael Paul Smith

Classics in Lego

Lunch atop a Skyscraper – is a famous photograph taken by Charles C. Ebbets during construction of the GE Building at Rockefeller Center in 1932. The photograph depicts 11 men eating lunch, seated on a girder with their feet dangling hundreds of feet above the New York City streets. Man at the right with bottle in his hand is Gusti Popovic, sawyer from Eastern Slovakia – Spiš. He sent this photo in 1932 as a postcard to his wife to Slovakia with words: “Don’t worry my dear Mariska, as you see I’m always OK with my bottle. Yours Gusti.” (Slovak: “Nič še ty neboj, moja milá Mariška, jak vidziš, ta ja furt s fľašečku. Tvoj Gusti.”)

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