Nálepka “project”

Dead Drops

‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.

The Value of a Dollar

New York Times

The Norton Project

This is a story about how my brother and I stole our fathers 1969 Norton Commando, had it restored and then gave it back to him for Christmas. He had no idea.


… to help raise awareness to the presence of surveillance cameras


Photos of couples swapping places – by Hana Pesut

Little Drifters

The Vancouver Sun gallery

Robert Gill’s Before Or After Yourself

City Made of Jelly

Kid’s Tooth Extracted Using a Rocket

Japanese Hayabusa asteroid mission comes home

TV Sets in Cuba


“In Persona, his deliciously voyeuristic, fashion forward portraits, Jason Travis (jasontravisphoto.com) snaps hipster Atlantans along with the contents of their messenger bags, backpacks and clutches to determine “what they deem important in their lives.” You are what you schlep.”
-Felicia Feaster

Ball of Light


My Hand Made Hobbit Hole

The BeetleCam Project