Nálepka “portrait”


The Senate

Iotacons are extremely low resolution portraits.

Kwon Kyung Yup

Life, Panoramic

Life, Panoramic is a collection of city portraits from around the world, written and photographed by locals. While we view much of the world through an outsider’s perspective, all of Life, Panoramic’s accounts come directly from the source. We celebrate subjectivity.

Monica Cook

Erin Cone

Porters of modern Nepal

… and their t-shirts

by Jordan Bower


“In Persona, his deliciously voyeuristic, fashion forward portraits, Jason Travis (jasontravisphoto.com) snaps hipster Atlantans along with the contents of their messenger bags, backpacks and clutches to determine “what they deem important in their lives.” You are what you schlep.”
-Felicia Feaster

Ermanno Ivone

Henrik Adamsen

De Cabeza

by Jorge Miguel


Greg Manis

Warwick Saint

Warwick Saint

Adam Sewastianowicz

Dan Bergeron

Face of the City