Nálepka “paintings”

John Wellington

Dan McCarthy

Orghoi khorkhoi by EPOS 257

Olgoj chorchoj

Greg Simkins

Adrian Smith

Ron English

Paintings & Prints, Press Kit

Zhang Haiying

Zhang Haiying’s Anti-Vice Campaign series takes as its subject the Chinese government’s recent initiatives in eradicating prostitution and pornography. Executed on monumental scale and in faux social realist style Zhang’s paintings use the devices of propaganda for non-politicised means: his works neither advocate nor criticise illicit activity, but draw from the associated issues of power, exclusion, vulnerability, and perception to create images of emotive discord.
Finding his source material on the internet, Zhang translates photographic images with subtle painterly manipulations to enhance mass media aesthetics and its conflicting messaging.

Misery Children

Terri Thomas


Anton Perich

Machine paintings

Roseros Erotic Masterpieces

When Mona Lisa Came to Tea

Scott Campbell

Henrique Oliveira

James Roper