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Brigitte Bardot – Harley Davidson


scoreLight is a prototype musical instrument capable of generating sound in real time from the lines of doodles as well as from the contours of three-dimensional objects

NikitA – Verevki

Bože, kedy už dosiahneme túto úroveň v popovej hudbe?!


The Droids – The Force

The Kleptones – Hectic City 9

Hectic City 9 – Rough & Ready On The Plinth [48:07m]: Play in Popup | Download

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

The Bloody Beetroots feat Cool Kids “Awesome”

Choc Quib Town – De Donde Vengo Yo

Songs You Used To Love

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Adiam Dymott – Miss you

Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby

The Tornadoes (Joe Meek) – Robot – 1963

Red Army Choir – Kalinka