Nálepka “job”

Please Fire Me

Please fire me.  I’m 23. Our 67-year-old grant writer told me he had a sex dream about me, and  repeatedly exclaimed that the things we did in said dream were “sinful! Just sinful! You wouldn’t believe it!” We have a staff of four and all work in the same room.


The Best Thing I Ever Done

Hailed as the “godfather of Brooklyn pizza,” for 45 years Domenico DeMarco, Italian émigré and father of seven, has been slinging pizzas in his legendary corner shop, Di Fara. Employing five of his children, Dom works tirelessly from morning until night hand crafting each and every pizza himself while his kids take orders and manage the mob of devoted pizza aficionados. The Best This I Ever Done is a portrait of DeMarco and his beloved pizzeria, an exploration of his rise to fame and an ode to pizzaioli who take their time to ‘make it right.’

Business Card

The Google Job Experiment

Murder Cleaners

Sarah Maple