Nálepka “film”

Sebastian’s voodoo


Viem že som každému chýbal, takto kompenzujem vaše bolesti

Most misquoted film phrases

“Luke, I am your father”

Vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl

Rajini Kanth Fight

Miniature Knitter

Althea Crome, knitter of Coralines sweater and gloves, size xxs.


asian horror movies

The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

5-Second Films

Let’s Visit the World of the Future

A travelog inviting viewers of today to come visit the future. The person who found this mysterious 16mm film in his basement in 1973, Rev. Ivan Stang, later ran The SubGenius Foundation, the Slack Prophecy religion devoted to Texas cult religion salesman J.R. “Bob” Dobbs. There is some evidence that The Firesign Theater may also have been involved at some point.


Wilbur Wright and his Flying Machine

Year: 1909

This flight demonstration of American aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright was of a special historic nature: it involved images from the first camera aboard a plane.

Early Works Of Famous Film Makers

History of Sex in Cinema

The Greatest and Most Influential
Sexual Films and Scenes