Nálepka “experiment”


Ubiquity is a Mozilla Labs experiment into connecting the Web with language in an attempt to find new user interfaces that could make it possible for everyone to do common Web tasks more quickly and easily.

Experiments in the Revival of Dead Organisms

Soviet experiments in reviving dead dogs – 1940

Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science

Scientists have a PR problem. If TV is to be believed, doctorates are awarded in the form of fishbowl glasses and a tendency to stutter. Sometimes movies try to help out by portraying action scientists, like in The Core, but usually do more harm than good since it’s generally restricted to truly terrible movies, like in The Core.

23 Tubes 1 Bowl

Top 10 Mad Scientists in History

How Easy Is It To Steal A Bike In NYC

After having countless bikes stolen in NYC a reverse sting operation was set. The Neistat Brothers steal their own bicycles in daylight in Downtown NYC. Begging the attention of the police but never getting it.