Nálepka “DIY”

Pixel Bike

Daft Punk Helmet

making of, video

The Chipophone

8-bit synth in an electronic organ

Rock Paper Scissors Playing Glove

This is a glove that plays a very competitive game of Rock Paper Scissors against the wearer.  It learns how they wearer plays and plays to their weaknesses.

How to build a fake Google Street View car

The Self Made Rolls Royce

The “blueprints” of Monsieur Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel

A Real-Life Pong

A playable game of Tabletop Pong (history, documented build, …)

The Most Useless Machine Ever

Complete instructions for building this device

Command and Conquer Soviet Tesla coil

Toilet Roll Pixel Boy

Blues maker

Building a Backyard Observatory for a C14 Telescope

Monsterlist of Halloween Projects

Bloody Eyes Skull

Half-Life with real guns

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