Nálepka “animation”

Something Left, Something Taken

how it was made (detailed)

Pixel: An Art Documentary

An 11 minute documentary exploring the merits and impact of pixel art, animation and chiptune music

Food about you

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the animation film festival of Annecy 2010

making of

Gulf of Mexico oil spill growth and movement

Second Wind



using over 2,500 logos

The Lady and The Reaper – La Dama y La Muerte


Jesus 2000

Animated Optical Illusions

Based on the book Magic Moving Images

Pac-Man vs. Super Mario Bros

The TV Show

director Sugimoto Kousuke, music Manabe Takayuki

Eddo Stern

8-Bit Tribute to Thriller

Sleeping Betty by Claude Cloutier

In this animated short, Sleeping Betty is stuck in bed, victim to a strange bout of narcolepsy. The King calls on his subjects to rescue her and they all respond to the call: Uncle Henry VIII, Aunt Victoria, an oddly emotional alien, a funky witch and a handsome prince. But will a kiss really be enough to wake the sleeping princess? The film, drawn in ink, is a classic example of the anachronistic and playful world of Claude Cloutier.

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