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Rockets of the world

The History of Santa Claus


Women: the human mules of Congo’s gold mines

Georgina Cranston travelled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to photograph the women who work deep inside some of the country’s disused gold mines.

Scrooge McDuck

Why is Scrooge McDuck in Germany named after a 7th-century Frankish king?


The Soviet Story of subs

Jon Naar

Jon Naar was one of the first photographers to document the early days of New York City graffiti in the 1970’s. The photos were first published in his legendary book entitled “Faith Of Graffiti”, complete with a forward from Norman Mailer.

Diagrams that changed the world

The Best Thing I Ever Done

Hailed as the “godfather of Brooklyn pizza,” for 45 years Domenico DeMarco, Italian émigré and father of seven, has been slinging pizzas in his legendary corner shop, Di Fara. Employing five of his children, Dom works tirelessly from morning until night hand crafting each and every pizza himself while his kids take orders and manage the mob of devoted pizza aficionados. The Best This I Ever Done is a portrait of DeMarco and his beloved pizzeria, an exploration of his rise to fame and an ode to pizzaioli who take their time to ‘make it right.’

Preserving the Criminal Code

The tattoo collection at the Department of Forensic Medicine at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland consists of 60 objects preserved in formaldehyde, a method devised by one of the experts employed by the Department at the turn of 20th century.

AFOL, A Blocumentary

a documentary about AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO)

Small Town Noir

The mug shots on this site were all taken in New Castle, Pennsylvania, between 1930 and 1959, and were rescued from the trash when the town’s police department threw them out. The information that has been used to reconstruct the stories behind the pictures comes mostly from old copies of the local paper, the New Castle News.

Animals In Space