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Raquel Welch

aj tu sa snaží

The tilted room

YouTube in 1985

flip flop glue prank

Chemical Party

Marie Curie is proud to present: “Chemicals having a party”. Sexy carbons, bored noble gases, explosive reactions.

Tiger Woods’ Jesus Walk Not a Glitch

…a user took some video screen capture of a glitch in the Tiger Woods golf title from EA showing how the ball could be played by walking over a water hazard and swinging as if the pond were dry land.

The savvy folks at EA noticed the video, then produced and posted the following as a video response…

BBC Reporter Mistaken for Michael Phelps


Movies taken with Phantom high-speed cameras


Italian Motorbike Display

Civil aviation disasters

Recycle CD Box

Bruce Lee Screen Test The Green Hornet

Soldiers Ride Shotgun In Vietnam