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Vintage Lesbian

Geek wrist watch


Cathy’s House – Wonderful day

HandTrux shovel

Kate Upton Teaches How To Dougie

Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie

Pre-Chewed Pencils

We know it is a bit daft but – hey! No need to spend time chewing your pencil

Zombie Jerky

DarkFin Gloves

Cats Attack! Scratching Post

3D porn

Instant Underpants – Just Add Water

These underpants are conveniently compressed into a compact pellet.

Street Beef in Prague

A Fat Cat Going Into A Vase

We got Annie from the cat rescue mission as a kitten. She liked to play in a pot. Trouble was she got fat as she got older but still likes to try and get in the pot.

Airbag Explosion